Commissioned work
Studio Pieck is working on stories. Formal stories and not so much the written form. A product or space is characterized by our pragmatic approach and well considered design. Attention to detail gives more satisfaction than just the design in total.
We distinguish ourselves by subtlety, not by being loud.

Cutting tray
White corian & solid beechwood

Serving tray & coasters
A combination of sandalwood corian, Rosemary corian & solid walnut

Desk organizer set;
Clean and functional organizer set for every home office. Material; Sandalwood corian & solid oak

Los amigos olvidados;
Sometimes you just have to make time and call a forgotten friend. These little fellas are helping to remind you doing that. 
Material; solid oak

Mobile tea station;
Inspired by the simplicity of a foodtruck, mount this station on your bike or moped.
Material: Acacia wood, white coated metal and leather details.

Nightingale Fragrance;
These infused leather bird turns your car or interior into a relaxing atmosphere, activated by the flow of air. Calm your senses with this rich fragrance, which opens with a balanced blend of amber & peach.

Mille Miglia;

Inspired by the iconic ‘Mille Miglia’ race, our studio created this luxury leather car collection. Every car receives the outline of a legendary Mille Miglia racing car & the specific number. Nowadays the Mille Miglia revived as the Mille Miglia Storica, a regularity race for classic and vintage cars.

La Pouche;

Veg. tanned leather ipad sleeve.
No stitches, no glue!

'Tripo’ workspace;
Tripo is a pure and functional workspace inspired by the first ‘Fixie’ light fixture I created. 
Made out of natural ash wooden legs and a poplar tabletop. The vintage headlight gives you al you need for a great day ‘at the office’.

‘Iris’ camera strap;
This is a unique Burissa brand, natural tanned leather camera strap. We designed this strap for a good friend of us, who wanted something special for his new Sony RX1r. 

The strap can handle 10kg and has an automatic locking system, works great!


Stackable modular storage system.

Material: Untreated metal frame with birch wooden shelves.

Scenography for 'Bokrijk brandmerkt'

‘Broodbrekers & spelkruimels’;

Design for the BKRK 'brood' award 

Wooden lightfixture inspired by the fixed gear trend

Material; beechwood & spaninga light module