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Monicker means ‘a personal name’. And that’s exactly what we’re expecting a consumer to do. Because when you name something, you also take up responibility for it.

That’s precisely what’s lacking in modern day consumerism. We tend not to take any responsibility for the materials that are used in our products, let alone the products themselves. And that’s understandable. It’s often very difficult to see through the thick fog of production mysticysm. Who knows what our stuff is made of? When a part degrades, breaks or gets lost, all too often this means replacing the entire product. This approach to manufacturing and product design curbs any possibility of consumer responsibility 

We started by rethinking manufacturing. Instead of producing in bulk, every Monicker is made on demand. Production is pretty straightforward and completely transparant. There are no hidden materials, there’s nothing between the lines. She can be taken apart easily and replacing parts is just as uncomplicated. 


Monicker is a true featherweight and she caters to your whatever look you’re into. When you purchase a Monicker, you’re investing in sustainability and a cleaner future: something so sorely missed in the production of luxury products today.

Monicker classic

Black or cognac leather strap
Classic clasp
Polished or matt finished body


Monicker classic wide 'vintage'

Black or cognac leather wide strap

Classic clasp

Polished or matt finished body

Monicker wide 'vintage'

Monicker 'classic'

Monicker is produced entirely in Limburg, Belgium.
We go for the short-chain manufacturing process.