The wallet collection

"Burissa means simplicity, purity and honesty. That’s why we accept only one material for our wallets: sadle leather, apure and sincere material that, in its nakedness, holds nothing back. In our Burissa wallets, craft and technique come together without jeapordising the soul of the object. That’s typical for our way of working: simplicity determines dialogue." 

Burissa wants to offer you more than just a functional object that looks pretty. 

An object that’s worth cherishing, that’s what Burissa is after. Moving away from the wallet as we know it means
returning to the true function of the object. It means having the audacity to ask what all of it is really about.
The answer is surprisingly simple: you

Burissa Bi-fold wallet

Black or Cognac leather

Burissa Bi-fold cardholder

Black or Cognac leather